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Oh Shelley Cartoon
Oh Shelley Cartoon
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Oh Shelley Cartoon

Just to give you a taste of the kind of work that goes into these things, here are all the punchlines I considered when making this cartoon...

1. He was so frightened by his experience at the bachelor party that he remained a virgin for the rest of his life.

2. He had to admit... that was one talented stripper.

3. At the bachelor party, things went horribly wrong.

4. The next day, Barry decided to enter rehab.

5. Tequila made Sharon feel... more expressive.

6. Tequila made Shelley feel... more expressive.

I was good with number 6 but as I was drawing it, one more punchline came to me:

7. Everything they said about Thailand was true.

This one came very close to being the winner. It's much edgier and it's stated in that plain but twisted way I like.

But I've never been to Thailand so I thought this kind of construction is more about working a cliche than anything else and that's not so appealing to me.

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